A sneak peek into our process of rough selection

This is how our gemstones look in their raw form. When considering rough minerals, we prioritize key factors like color, clarity, size, and cut to ensure the creation of exquisite faceted gemstones.

In the world of gems, color plays a pivotal role. The initial vibrancy sets the tone for the stone’s potential value. The more vivid and intense the color, the higher the appraisal. Clarity is another crucial aspect, graded by the GIA between VVS and Dcl, varying across stone types (I, II, III). Regardless of type, the concept remains constant – a cleaner stone is a better stone. When selecting rough, we aim for the cleanest options, reducing the need for extensive cutting.

Size and shape are significant influencers on the cut chosen for a stone. We respect nature’s creation by embracing the natural shape and selecting the optimal cut to complement the stone. Some will turn out with a more traditional cut, such as emerald cut, round, or oval, while others turn out as more modern forms, such as portraits. After, we ensure meticulous cutting and polishing for the best end result.

By prioritizing these quality factors in our initial rough selection process, we aim to deliver gemstones that meet the standards of collectors and jewelers alike. Elevate your collection or jewelry piece with the natural charm of our carefully crafted gemstones.

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